Cutlass - Atrim Design by Kingston Arms

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This nimble and sure-striking cutlass was designed by Angus Trim who melded the broad blade of a cutlass with a complex swept hilt to create his own unique design. The broad blade of 9260 high carbon steel is optimized for powerful chops and sweeping slashes; its substantially thick ricasso gives the base of blade excellent durability before thinning considerably in the main striking portion of the blade to allow it to cut with minimized drag. Excess weight from the blade was removed with three fullers.

The swept hilt is cast from stainless steel with an antiqued finish and the wooden grip is bound in tight leather. Included with the sword is a thick leather scabbard which is richly embossed with tooled leather leaf-scroll design on a single side. A belt loop for wear completes the scabbard.

Special Note: The false edge is unsharpened by default, but if you wish to have it sharpened, we can do so for a $10 fee. Please make sure to 


  • Overall Length: 31 7/8 Blade: 25 7/8
  • Blade: 9260 High Carbon Steel
  • Weight: 2 lb 4.8 oz
  • Edge: Sharp
  • P.O.B.: 4 1/4''
  • Grip Length: 4 1/4''
  • Pommel: Nut