H/T EMSHS Dunvegan Pommel (Sold Out) - polished mild steel (weight shown is shipping weight)

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The Printed Armoury H/T EMSHS Dunvegan Pommel - polished mild steel

Here's a chance to create a unique look to your Hanwei Tinker Early Medieval Single Handed Sword - Mike Jia from The Printed Armoury presents his latest creation, a mild steel pommel  designed from the ground up to replace the pommel on your H/T EMSHS sword OR for building one from scratch using an H/T EMSHS Bare Blade

  • Pommel only - Crossguard and hex nut not included
  • Made out of Mild Steel
  • Handle and sword blade sold separately

EMSHS bare blades available here: H/T EMSHS Bare Blade


A COMPLETE EMSH sword using the Dunvegan fittings and a custom leather grip can be found here: Customized H/T EMSHS w/oxblood leather grip and Dunvegan fittings 

** Disclaimer: the pommel may require some file work to fit onto the tang.