H/T EMSHS Dunvegan Sword Guard and Pommel set - polished mild steel (weight shown is shipping weight)

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7.00 (in)
11.00 (in)
4.00 (in)
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Here's a chance to create a unique look to your Hanwei Tinker Early Medieval Single Handed Sword - Mike Jia from The Printed Armoury presents his latest creation, a mild steel hilt set designed from the ground up to replace the fittings on your H/T EMSHS sword OR for building one from scratch using an H/T EMSHS Bare Blade

  • Crossguard, pommel, and hex nut included
  • Made out of Mild Steel
  • Handle and sword blade sold separately

EMSHS bare blades available here: H/T EMSHS Bare Blade

The Printed Armoury has created an online site to help you design 3D printed grips for your project sword... please note that the files created on the site still need to be sent to a 3D printer an then either wrapped in leather by yourself or by someone knowledgeable to do so. LG Martial Arts has the expertise to have the grips printed and wrapped in leather to the customer's requests. Please email us for more information at support@lgmartialarts.com 

You can find the online site here: Online 3D Grip Generator

A COMPLETE EMSH sword using these fittings and a custom leather grip can be found here: Customized H/T EMSHS w/oxblood leather grip and Dunvegan fittings (this particular sword has been SOLD, but another similar one can be made for customers - email LG Martial Arts at support@lgmartialarts.com and we'll do the work putting together a customized sword for you).

** Disclaimer: the fittings may require some file work to fit onto the tang.