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Munetoshi Handmade Competition Performance Cutter Katana Sword 1075 Spring Steel

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The Munetoshi Competition Bamboo Katana Sword is a purpose built sword specifically for medium to hard target cutting. Featuring a custom designed habaki by Jake of the Cutting Mechanics and specially designed blade, this katana has been tailored to perform specifically for rigorous cutting of tatami omote and green bamboo up to 3 inches in diameter. This sword features a wider and thinner blade for better cutting performance and handling. The 1075 spring steel will endure regular cutting activities and resist bending.

*Please note that all swords can bend under extreme circumstances. Swordnarmory cannot be held liable for improper use of our products.

Designer's Notes: "These series of swords are designed and built with superb handling and cutting ability in mind, which is why I started with designing the habaki. Fractions of an inch or tenths of a millimeter have been taken into account in the dimensions of the habaki to serve as the heart of our competition grade series of swords. The habaki dimensions dictates how the sword handles and where the weight is distributed along the sword. Then the blade is designed according to the specific cutting purpose it will fulfill. How the sword flexes and cuts through a target are set by the dimensions of the katana, such as thickness, width, shinogi-ji width, and edge profile. Overall, I strived to design purpose-built swords that are tailored to the serious cutter, martial artist, or enthusiast."

Overall Length: 39.75 " 
Nagasa Length: 28 " 
Tsuka Length: 10.5 " 
Point of Balance: 5.5 " 
Sori: 0.8"
Weight W/O Saya: 2lbs 7oz
Tsuba Material: Steel 
Blade: Sharp 
Blade Material: Special Alloy 1075 Spring Steel
Ito: Synthetic Fiber
Sageo: Thick Cotton
Fittings: Blackened Bronze
Mekugi: Double Pinned Bamboo