Munetoshi Ryu Forge Folded 1095/1055 Steel Katana Samurai Sword

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The Munetoshi Ryu Forge Folded 1095/1055 Steel Katana Samurai Sword is a handforged, handcrafted sword with high quality fittings. The blade is forge folded by hand using 1095 and 1055 steels to create thousands of layers of steel that is brought out by painstakingly hand polishing the blade. The saya features a beautiful partial ray skin wrap with all buffalo horn fittings. This sword is ready to be used to cut tatami and bamboo.


  • Blade: The blade has been constructed of differentially hardened forge folded 1095/1055 steel. The hada (grain pattern) is in the Ayasuji pattern with slight waviness to the grain pattern. The hamon is a gunome midare pattern and it also features an O-kissaki with a defined yokote and sharp ko-shinogi and komaru boshi. 

    Saya: The high quality saya is made of wood with a black lacquered finish and partial samegawa rayskin wrap. The koiguchi, kurikata, and kojiri are made with genuine buffalo horn. The sageo is made of thick brown cotton and tied over brass shitodome.

    Koshirae: The habaki and seppa are made of brass. The tsuba is a blackened iron tsuba with a raised dragon wrapping itself around the tsuba and through it. The fuchi and kashira are made of steel and are made in the Higo style for maximum comfort with a wind motif. The tsuka has genuine white samegawa ray skin with brown high quality chemical fiber ito which is tied in tight hineri-maki, two-toned menuki, and double pegged with smoked bamboo.


  • Overall Length: 39.5" 
  • Nagasa Length: 28" 
  • Blade Length w/ Habaki: 29"
  • Tsuka Length: 10.5" 
  • Point of Balance: 5.5 " 
  • Sori: 0.7"
  • Weight W/O Saya: 2lbs 7oz
  • Tsuba Material: Iron
  • Blade: Very Sharp 
  • Blade Material: Forge Folded 1095/1055 Differentially Hardened Steel
  • Ito: Brown High Quality Chemical Fiber
  • Sageo: Brown Cotton
  • Fittings: Steel
  • Mekugi: Double Pinned Bamboo