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Musashi Handmade Samurai Katana Sword Unokubi Forged Folded T10 / 65 Steel

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Overall Length: 40.25 "

-Nagasa Length: 28.875"

-Tsuka Length: 11.375 "

-Balance Point: 5.5"

-Weight W/O Saya: 2.4 lbs

-Lamination: Forge-folded Steel

-Blade: Very Sharp

-Blade Material: Differentially Hardened T-10/1060 Steel

Blade Shape: Nagamaki Naoshi

-Tsuba: Blackened Iron with Gold Paint

-Fittings: Brass

-Ito Material: Cotton

-Saya: Buffalo Horn Koiguchi, Kurikata, Kojiri

-Habaki: Brass with Decorated File Marks

-HRC: 55 Degrees

-Accessories: Sword Bag, Maintenance Kit, Gift Box

-Condition: Brand New

-Sword Name: Toba

-Manufacturer: Musashi

Musashi Handmade Samurai Katana Sword Unokubi Forged Folded T10 / 65 Steel


Musashi Platinum Series Folded Steel Nagamaki Naoshi

This is a very unique blade featuring a nagamaki naoshi geometry. The blade is made from forge folded T-10 and 1060 steels and is differentially hardened and has a very tight masame hada. The hamon is a very even Notare style, with a komaru boshi. This is a robust and highly artistic blade with great aesthetics and can also be used functionally.

Product Details:

Blade: Forge folded T-10 and 1060 steels. The blade has been differentially heat treated and is full tang and very sharp. Notare hamon with masame hada.

Saya: The saya is wooden with a black gloss finish and robust black sageo. The koiguchi, kurikata, and kojiri are all made of buffalo horn.

Tsuka: The habaki is brass with decorative file marks on it. The tsuba is blackened iron with a paulownia flower design and some sukashi cut outs. The seppa are made of copper. The fuchigashira are made of brass and are in a higo style, and is decorated with gold paulownia accents to match the tsuba. The ito is black cotton with alternating cross overs over real ray skin samegawa. The tang is double pinned with bamboo mekugi.

*Note: Sword Stand sold seperately