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On consignment: Bugei Dragonfly katana

MSRP: $1,350.00
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Bugei Dragonfly katana


  • 29.5” nagasa
  • Kasane (thickness at habaki): 6.5mm
  • Sakikasane (thickness at start of point): 5mm
  • Motohaba (edge to back distance at habaki): 32mm
  • Sakihaba (edge to back distance at tip): 25mm
  • Kissaki Length: 38mm
  • 14” tsuka with brown Japanese cotton ito
  • K120c Swedish Powdered steel
  • Differentially hardened blade

This katana has never been used to cut with, never used for kata, never used for any purpose. Oiled and maintained well by owner.

* Since this item is on consignment, please email or call (866) 350-9080 for information prior to purchasing it/pricing. This item will ship from the owner, NOT from LG Martial Arts.