ProForce® Taekwondo Gloves - White

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Worn by martial artists around the world, ProForce® has been a leading manufacturer of quality Martial Arts products for over 15 years. ProForce® continues to bring exciting, high quality products to all members of the Martial Arts industry. The constant re-invention of Taekwondo Equipment produced by ProForce® brands has helped to push the boundaries of the gear available to the Martial Arts industry. As a result, ProForce® products have emerged as a brand name recognized worldwide. As a student or instructor, it is important for everyone to have protective Taekwondo Equipment. If you are a beginner or more advanced in Taekwondo, purchasing the right equipment to prevent any injuries from occurring is crucial. Hand protection is commonly used when it comes to Taekwondo, and you can count on AWMA for providing the best Taekwondo equipment in various colors that are suitable for each individual. Like all Taekwondo Sparring Equipment, it is important that you purchase quality products. All this is possible when you purchase ProForce® Taekwondo Gloves or any of your protective gear. Having the correct pieces for training also maximizes your safety when involved in physical contact. When using Taekwondo Equipment, not only can it be used for your protection, but it can also be used to enhance your martial arts skills giving you the upper hand against your toughest competitor. Whether it is for yourself or your children, there is always that chance of getting injured, but when taught properly by an experienced instructor with the proper Taekwondo Sparring Equipment, many accidents can be prevented. For those who are serious about their Taekwondo and are looking for the highest quality equipment, ProForce® is your answer. However, determination and perseverance cannot be forgotten in order to make your training more efficient.

  • Vinyl material.
  • Vented knitted fabric.
  • Hook and loop wrist closure.
  • 2.4 oz