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Reisläufer complex Swiss guard and twisted pommel

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Reisläufer complex Swiss guard and twisted pommel

Mike Jia's The Printed Armoury does it again! 

Here's a chance to create a unique look to your custom European sword! Presenting The Printed Armoury's Reisläufer Complex Swiss guard and twisted pommel, all made out of mild steel. The guard has been designed for the discriminating custom makers/customizers/collectors in mind.

  • Weights and tang slot width
    • tang slot width: 0.64 in./16.33 mm
    • Reisläufer complex Swiss guard weight: 9.8 oz/277.83 g.
    • Twisted pommel: 9.8 oz./277.83 g.
  • Handle and sword blade sold separately

** Disclaimer:  the  fittings require file work to fit onto the tang - these fittings are made for the custom maker/experienced customizers in mind.